2006 Schulendtage

Sailing trip to Holland

Die gesamte CrewMonday morning we went by bus to Holland for a sailing trip.When we arrived we went on a sailing boat. The name of the boat was „Poolster“. The boat was very nice. The skipper told us something about sailing. Later we went into the very cold water. And in the evening we went shopping. Tuesday we had to do the sailing and the skipper was very angry. In the evening we went to a beach. Wednesday weather was very good but windy. We had to sail, too. Later we were on an island and went to a disco. Thursday we were on a sandbank. Friday we sailed back to Harlingen and we went back to Wenden by bus in the afternoon.

Elena Schneider

The sailing trip to the Netherlands

AbendstimmungLast week some of our school classes from KAS-Wenden went on a school trip to the Netherlands. In the morning at quarter to five we met at school to start the trip from there. The bus trip was very exiting. When we arrived in the harbour the „Poolster“ (that was the name of our ship) was lying quietly on the water. The skipper Dennis said some words about the ship and the trip. At this first day we sailed to Makkum, a small village. In the evening after dinner (we had to cook for ourselves) we walked to the village. At nine o‘ clock we met at the boat again. After that we could go to the other rooms. Every day we had to put the sail up. When we sailed, we didn’t speak a lot. The skipper was angry very often, but it wasn’t very bad. We were in a good mood. Some days the boys were fishing and the girls sleeping in the sun. On Thursday in the afternoon we anchored on a sandbank. When the water went back we ran over the sand and and saw a lot dead animals. The night was quiet. On Friday morning we sailed to a harbour again and we met the other classes to go back home again. All in all I can say that the trip to the Netherlands was a very exciting trip, which I won’t forget in the following years.

Simone Stracke

Sailing trip to Holland

Küchendienst(18. 09-22. 09)
On Monday morning we had to get up very early. Together form 9.3 we got on the way to Holland at about 5.45 o’clock. After 5 – 6 hours of journey on the bus we arrived and all classes went to their boat. Our boat’s name was Poolster. After that we put our luggage in our rooms. Then we met in the lounge. Next our skipper Dennis and mate Joska came. They told us a little bit about the boat and then we went on deck and headed out of the dock of Harlingen to the open sea. After we were out of the dock we got to sail (It was a bit more straining than anticipated, but we had to work as a team and then it all worked fine). After passing a sluice we anchored and were allowed to go swimming in the sea. The water was not like in a pool – yet it was funny. Then we sailed to the dock of Mackum. There we explored the village (a little town) and met on the boat at 18.30 o’clock to have supper. Before we went ashore again we went to the bathrooms and some took a shower. At about 11 o’clock it was bed time. On the other day we set sail at 9 o’clock and we arrived at the dock of Vliland by noon. There we went to the bathroom to take a shower and some went into town. We were all over there. Then we had to go to our boat. It was a bit boring there. In Terschiling we had a party at a disco on Wednesday. I met two great girls from Hagen. We had a great time. But some people got drunk. That was a bad idea. But it was not our crew that got drunk. We were glad about it. On Thursday we anchored on a sandbank. It was funny because we got into the water and after the water was away we went onto the sandbank. It was nice there. In the night we saw a lot of stars and meteoroids. On Friday we went to Harlingen again and we had to wait for a couple of hours till the bus came. We used the time to go ashore and buy a bit to eat for the way back home before we cleaned the boat. By 2 o’clock the bus was there and we put our luggage into the bus and after 5 – 6 more hours were back home. We came to Wenden at 9 o’clock and were welcomed by our parents.
It was very nice in Holland and I would it do the trip once more!!!

Vicky Lange

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