2006 Schulendtage

MöweSailing trip to Holland

Last week we were in Holland on a school trip. We were sailing on the Ijsselmeer. Once we had loaded our big bags onto the ship, we were assigned our rooms and put in all our stuff. The ship’s name was Poolster.
Some pupils were swimming in the sea on the first day. The weather was very cold, but fine. We had to set. At 7 o’clock we were on land and went to discos and bars. At 10 o’clock we had to be back on the ship. At 22:30 clock we had to be in our cabins.

By Sabrina Bruhn

SeegangThe sailing trip to Holland

We were on a sailing trip to Holland. We went by bus for six hours.
On the bus trip some people fell asleep. When we were at Harlingen we went to our sailing boat. We put our luggage under deck. Then we went to the rooms. So 30 minutes later, our Skipper Dennis came and our boatswain Joskaon came onto the boat. Then we went to sail. We sailed in the evening. Later in the evening we went ashore. There were discos and bars. The discos were very easy. On Wednesday we met two girls, Alina and Sylwia. On Friday we left for home at 3 o’clock. At 9 o’clock we were back in Wenden.

By Kerstin Nicklas

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