2006 Schulendtage

Some didn’t do the sailing trip. The reasons varied. They spend the same time in Olpe at the Pallottihaus, a house run by Pallotines. As we don’t have any pictures of Pallotthaus, we show tow more from the sailing trip.

The stay at Pallotti-House

Skizze vom SchiffOn the first day we met our tutors Elisabeth and Christian. They were very nice. In the afternoon we were assigned to our bedrooms. At the Pallotti-House there were two classes, our class and a class from Bergheim. In the evening after the meal we had some free time and a lot of fun.
On the next days we had courses or went to the city. Every day we met new people and laughed every time. Mr. B. Schneider always said a lot of funny things. On Friday the stay was over. We said „Goodbye“ and went back to our homes.
I think the week was very interesting and we learned some new things. It is important that you what ,,teamwork“ really means and that good friends are very vital.

By Bianca Kramm

The stay at Palotti-House

DeckreinigungI was at Palotti-House. First we met our tutors. Their names were Elisabeth and Christian. They were very nice. Then we put our luggage into our rooms. In the afternoon another school class from a grammar school came. After we had courses. In the courses we talked about different topics, played games, drew pictures and did a lot of other things. It was very funny. In the evening we went to dining hall for supper. Then we had free time. We could play table football and table tennis.
The other morning we had breakfast. After that we had courses. There we did funny things. Then we had lunch and after that we had free time. In the free time we could go swimming or went in to town. And it was a very nice week.

By Larissa Friedhoff

First we talked to our tutors Christian and Elisabeth about the following week and the next hours. Then we were shown the rooms. I went with Larissa and Bianca into a room. Our room was a bit smaller than the others. After then we had classes with the tutors.
There was one more group of students from Bergheim at the Palotti-house. We had our meals with them. The meals were actually good. In our free time we went shopping in the city, sat in our rooms and listened to music or we played table football in the community room.
When we had in the evening off, we were in our room and talked or we went out. Each night we stayed up for a long time.

By Carolin Lammerich

The trip to the Pallotti House

The departure was at school at 13 o’clock. When we arrived there we met our tutors Elisabeth and Christian. They were very nice. From the beginning we had a lot of fun. Our girls had a floor with rooms for themselves. The rooms were a little bit small and there were big spiders in the rooms. We had breakfast at 8:15. This was okay but the midday meal at 12:30 was very bad. The evening meal at 18:15 was good too. The courses were with Elisabeth and Christian only. We were the first class there. After we had arrived a second class came. They were from Bergheim near Cologne. A lot of them were very conceited. But some were very nice. One day Mrs Dreisbach came to visit us while Mr Schneider was outside. Thursday evening we had a mass which we had prepared ourselves. We made a big circle of chairs. In the middle of the circle we had made a sea of „Tüllwithe“ stones, shells, marbels and candles. All of us got a white rosary at the end. Friday was the last day. Elisabeth and Christian were very nice. It was funny there.

Jenny Grabert

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