2006 Schulendtage

Freizeitgestaltung mit KartenMonday

Day 1: We had to be in Wenden at 4.45. Before we went to Holland we had to load our bags into the coach. Suddenly we had a problem because there wasn’t enough room for all the baggage. After we had managed this problem we started on our long way to Holland. We slept the most of time. Than when we arrived and we saw our old ship. When all was on the boat we were assigned our jobs. Patrick and I were assigned to the stern for the time being.


Day 2: We had to get up at 7.30. We had some bread for breakfast like every morning. Than Pati and I had to worke at the stern all day long. We had to operate the two keels. When the evening began we got permission go to into town. You must know that before we went into town we had dropped anchor on the island of Muka. The Town was bad and so Patrick and I went back to our ship and waited for the next day.


Day 3: We had to get up early again. Then we wanted to weigh anchor. Of course all had to help but many didn’t help. And so our Skipper went angry. With pains and trouble we arrived at the next island in the afternoon. We could go onto the island and had a look around there. It was a nice Island with a nice beach. But there were no tackle shops. And so Pati and I caught some crawfish and had a look to these animals. Next we had supper. We had to be in bed at 10.00 or 10.30.


Day 4: This was the last day that we dropped anchor. Then the next day we wanted to anchor out at the sea. Therefore we had to buy much to eat for the next day. Then in the evening most of us wanted to go to the disco. But Pati and I didn’t like the disco and so we stayed at the ship. We ate a little bit. And then we went out to the open water.

Blick über die RelingFriday

Day 5: On Friday we had to get ready for the departure.
Patrick and I didn’t go with our class because the bus was full. After 6 long hours we arrived in Wenden and the sailing trip was over.

Sebastian Bremer

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