2006 Schulendtage

Sailing the JisselmeerIn September 2006 three groups of students of KAS Wenden sailed the Jisselmeer for nearly one week. They took a lot of pictures and later on they sat down to write about the class trip. The different reports you find over the pages reflect the varying experiences they had. (Language and grammar were corrected by a teacher.)

Sailing trip

PlattbodenschiffLast week we were in Holland…. there was a lot of water and many sailing boats. Our boat’s name was Poolster…. the skipper’s name was Denis and the mate’s name was Joshca…. The rooms was very very little but nice …. the boat moved up and down…. On the beach there were a lot dead jellyfish and crawfish…. In the evening we could go to the „city“.
On deck it was very windy …. We had to put the sail up and make the breakfast, lunch and the evening meal…. we learned the 889 knot…. At 23.00 o’clock it was bedtime …. all in all it was is a very very very good school trip ….
I would do it again ….

A short report about our sailing trip by Martina Meister


boat02_600.jpgLast week we were in Holland. On the boat we had to set sail. The skipper was angry very often. His name was Daniel. The mate’s name was Joschka. There were big waves. The boat moved up and down. We were on the beach, too. There were many jellyfish. The rooms on the ship were very very small. In my room ther were Anna, Simona and Martina. We had much fun. During the day we had to be on deck. It was very cold and windy, but it was very funny and we often laughed. I lay in the net, too. I went to the water. It was very cold. The evening-meal was disgusting. After the evening-meal we were allowed to go to the city. Every evening I went to a disco. I danced with my friends.

By Mareike Fleischer

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