2005 – Hühnerdiebe

The super chicken catchers

There they are these super heroes. They all took the little frightened chicken into their big hands and showed how big and brave they were. The chicken could return to the pen in the end. It was glad that it did not end Mrs Schöder’s big pot as chicken stew or some horrible soup, perhaps with noodles and peas.


But to be fair, these boys are OK. Yes, they can be quite good boys. In the end they didn’t clean the coop and the pen but they helped a poor sick ckicken. That unhappy hen had broken a leg. Nobody knows how it had done this but it needed help and these boys helped. They went to the warm cellar where the hen lived in a pen of her own and measured the length of her leg so that a piece of wood could be fitted to help her broken leg go right again (see last picture).

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